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Welcome in the [COX]* world..

Malbec, Colombard and Pinot Noir, [cox]* is happy to present you an unique range of varietal fruity wines.

The ladybug is an amazing animal. We decided to name our brand after it as we noticed that it was easily found in the vineyards (Côtes de Gascogne, Lot and Aude) where our wines were made. In the vineyard, it is a very useful animal as the ladybug eats the pests and the naughty bugs of the vine.

The beetle larva, fearsome predatory can swallow up to 60 aphids a day. For several centuries it has been called the "God Beast".

Let us tell you the story of the "God Beast" !!

In the old times, during the middle age, a man was charged with a crime he did not commit. Its judges condemned him to be beheaded. As the poor guy laid his head on the log, he noticed a ladybug. As he didn't want to hurt it, he took the ladybug away from the instrument of torment. The judges who were present saw this gesture. They looked with astonishment and, by mutual agreement, decided that a man who showed such a sensitive heart could not be a criminal. The innocent was paroled immediately, and the spectators who believed that God had sent the bug to save the condemned gave spontaneously to the insect the name of "God Bug".

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