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COX Colombard : a very fruity IGP Côtes de Gascogne wine

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Grape variety

85% Colombard 13% Chardonnay
2% Sauvignon

Origin of our Colombard

Village of Larée,
located in the heart
of the Gascony vineyard
in the french Gers region.
The best region for Colombard

Winemaking of our Colombard

Reductive winemaking technics
Skin contact
Fermentation at 17°C
Aging on the lees


Very aromatic Colombard wine
with boxtree grapefruit and
passion fruit notes.
Enjoy our colombard
between 16 and 18°C

Food Pairings

This Colombard is purely
a delight to drink !!
He will pleasantly accompany
seafood and oysters,
pasta dishes.

Did you know it ?

Coming from the Cognac region,
The Colombard variety was used
for distillation. In South Africa,
the Colombard represents 10%
of the vineyard

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