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The [cox]* history and our concept

The birth of the [cox]* range

A summer evening, as we were enjoying a glass of wine in the garden, we were surprised to find a really unpleasant taste in a Cahors wine. I said "It smells like if there was an horse in my glass, it must come from a contamination yeast". Thibault replied "it is really a shame because if you take off this obvious defect, this grape variety Malbec has an amazing potential to produce some good fruity wines; you as a winemaker, do you think you would be able to produce a better wine, and that wine, I will sell it !!". I challenged Thibault, and that rang the beginning of our story. As we were emptying the bottle, we were getting more and more enthusiastic. "Now, we need to find a name for our small malbec" Thibault said. At that moment, a ladybug came suddenly from the sky and landed on the edge of my glass. As we were quietly watching her, she turned around the glass before to fly away. Without any doubt, we decided to name our wine in honour to that ladybug [cox]* . cox, in french, is the nickname ot the ladybug that is called "coccinelle".

Our aim is to produce fruit driven wines !!

The [cox]* brand is a sign of warranty for high quality fruity wines. Our wines offer elegance and smoothness in the mouth. We have developed a strong relationship with some of the best producers of the southwestern France selected for the quality of their respective "terroir" and their commitment to respect the environment. Our choices dictated through technical specifications allow us to develop unique wines. We are happy to present you a range of wines which respect the characteristics of each grape variety. By tasting the [cox] * wines, lets discover new sensations and get the elegant and intense fruity aromas of each wine.

Our concept is to combine the complexity of the grapes from the "old world" with some modern "new world" winemaking technics.

The french vineyards and their "terroirs" can probably offer to any winemaker the most beautiful and complex grapes to make wine on the planet. Wines form the new world like australian, chilean, argentinian, south african or even californian, can often be characterized by high alcohol content, as this is the way to get ripe and soft tannins. Most of the time you can hardly taste the difference between the varieties as the grapes are overripe and sometimes even overoaked !! By its relative cooler climate, France and particularly the South West of France has an unique potential to produce fruit driven wines. In general, this fruity character is not 100% revealed by the traditional french winemaking methods. [COX]* uses some "new world" inspired technics and other innovating process to produce a range of 3 unique fruity wines. 

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