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COX Pinot Noir : a very fruity IGP Pays d'Oc wine

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Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir

Origin of our Pinot Noir

Maritim influence terroir of the
Limoux vineyard, close to
the pyrenees mountains.
Great place to grow Pinot

Winemaking of our Pinot

Quite early harvest
Cold soaking during
3 days at 14°C
Fresh Oak chips addition
Short fermentation during
5 days with speciality yeasts


Typical nose of Pinot Noir,
with red fruits and berries
(cherry), coffee notes
Good complexity
Soft attack
and well balanced.
Pinot Noir to be drunk
between 16 and 18°C

Food Pairings

This Pinot can be enjoyed
with red meat,
delicatessen, game or duck.
Also delicious with a piece
of dark chocolate.

Did you know it ?

In the US, the movie
"sideways" heavily increases
the popularity of the Pinot Noir.
Since that time, american wine
connoisseurs are completly in love
for Pinot Noir !!

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