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Pierre-Olivier, the winemaker

29 years old, Pierre-Olivier has already produced some wine in many vineyards of the world. After having studied agriculture and winemaking, he chose to get some practical winemaking experiences in France in prestigious estates of the Rhone valley, of Burgundy and of the Bordeaux vineyards.

To open his mind and discover modern winemaking techniques, Pierre-Olivier travelled to make wine in Australia, California, Argentina, Italy and in South Africa. He fell in love with a small "boutique winery" in the Cape region where he returns every year to give technical advices. His work was rewarded by numerous medals. One of the most prestigious was the medal of the best south african Semillon in 2005 at the Fairbairn Trophy.

For some years, Pierre-Olivier has been working in a research center in viticulture and enology and tries to communicate the results of the experiments and bring his experience learned in the vineyards of the "New World". This occupation allows him to be always at the cut in term of innovation and technology in viticulture and enology.

Thibault : the Merchant in love for wine

31 years old, Thibault graduated from a business school; he was interested very early and then fell in love for this “Nectar”. He knows that we can not sell wine as you gonna sell a car or a carpet and he went to learn the technical aspect of the wine in burgundy in Beaune. This is where he chooses the Pinot Noir as his favorite grape. According to Thibault, there is a wine for each taste, a wine for each occasion and a wine for each moment in you life. After a short experience in the French market, Thibault went to leave in Houston – Texas (USA) to import and sell some French and European wine for a local company. These 4 years gave him a good knowledge of the Texan and American wine market in general. He found that the Texans are eating meat 3 times per day as soon as the turn…2 months old!! The Texan people in general like every kind of wine and are very curious to discover new grape and new taste as soon as the wine is not too DRY!!! They still drink in Texas mostly Californian and Texan’s wines, and of course "Beer"!!

It was a great challenge to import and to sell French wine in Texas in 2003 during the “cold” relation between our 2 country. Now Thibault is back in France , in the Loire Valley , and works as the export manager for a prestigious vineyard. He does help this vineyard to recover their former reputation in Europe and in North America .

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